Monday, December 7, 2015

Ivory Ella

So recently i've come across this website that sells very colorful and cute apparel that all have little elephants on them. Now i've always had this love for elephants and felt this connection to them. Had many stuffed animals when i was younger, stopped going to circus' when i found out how they treat and train animals. Still, and probably forever will, cry when watching dumbo. So immediately after seeing all the cute shirts, sweater and so on that Ivory Ella had to offer i fell in love and wanted to go bankrupt buying everything they sell. When on their website i found out that they donate 10% of their net profits to Save The Elephants fund which warmed my heart. Ivory Ella has donated over $165,000 which is so amazing and i decided i wanted to make a purchase and help them help elephants!

I'm not very much a hat person but when i saw this i totally fell in love with it.
You can still pick this and many other designs and items from

Final Note: Elephants are such an underrated and adorable animal.

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