Friday, January 22, 2016

Ariana Grande Viva Glam Mac Lipstick's

So by now i'm pretty sure we're all aware of the fact that i'm a huge Ariana Grande fan. So hearing about the new things she's doing is always exciting, but to hear about the Mac Viva Glam news sent me over the moon. At first the colors surprised me, seeing as Ariana always pinky nude colors, seeing such a dark plum color seemed strange. As someone who doesn't experiment a lot with makeup but goes nuts with all the lipstick shades i found it beautiful, But just seeing how Ariana does her makeup i was confused. After hearing the backstory behind the shades made me not only love the two products more but also made sense.

"People are always trying to label me or pin me down as either a good girl or a bad girl. We all have a naughty side. We all have a sweet side and i think we should be able to play up the both of them." -Ariana Grande

Ariana always pay close attention to details so the packaging is absolutely stunning.


Lipstick is a matte dark plum.
Lipgloss is a shimmery pink.

The lipstick is stunning. I feel that it goes very well with my skin tone. It really takes any look to the next level. The only thing is this color isn't very forgiving, so application in the right places is detrimental. 

The lipgloss is one i would wear till i die. I love having very shimmery pink lips and the smell is angelic. These tones go great with my skin tone and the formula is very moisturizing. Not only for the gloss but also the lipstick.

My favorite thing about all of this is all the proceeds go to the mac Aids fund to help people who live with HIV and AIDS. Which warms my heart to see that Ariana is using her platform to inform young fans. are just fans who aren't aware, of what HIV and AIDS are. Starting the conversation is the first step. Helping and teaching others is the next. So go buy yours today!

Final Note: Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught. 

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